Sep 14

Plan Ahead: Post-Secondary & Employment Prep

The Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region is pleased offer an 8-week Plan Ahead Program!

Cost: $125 for Members/ $160 for Non-Members

Duration: 8 Weeks, 1 Hour/Week

Locations: Mississauga & Brampton

Our Youth Transition Program is designed for youth around the ages of 16-20. The goal of the program is to ensure the successful transition from high school to either post-secondary schools or the workforce. We recognize that any change or transition can be very challenging for students and this group will provide a network of supports for young adults to draw on- other students, new friend, guest speakers and professionals.  This program is designed to educate and empower young adults to pursue higher education and/or be successful in the workforce.

These programs are designed to support students who are struggling with a learning disability and/or ADD/ADHD. However, we understand that a formal diagnosis is not always possible and therefore, all students who are struggling with their academics, social skills and self-esteem are welcome.

Students do not need a formal diagnosis to register and participate.

Program Overview

The Plan Ahead Program will cover a number of topics over an 8-week period. Program facilitators will organize the program topics, lessons and workshops depending on the needs of the students registered. Students and parents are welcome to suggest topics to broaden the curriculum and to draw on personal experiences. Parental and student input will enhance the content and quality of our Plan Ahead program. Facilitators will draw on topics such as:

captureThe first class will be an introduction, learning how the program works, setting personal and group goals and getting to know everyone in the group. The final class will be a celebration of goals achieved, reviewing what we have learned and how we can continue to use what we learned outside of the program.

Program schedules are subject to change. For more information please contact:

Amanda Partab,

Resource Counsellor & Programs Coordinator

apartab@ldapr.ca or 905 272 4100 ext.204

Sibling discounts and subsidies are available. Please call for details.