Sep 09

S.T.A.T.A. (Stop, Talk, Ask, Team Up & Agree)

The Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region is pleased to offer an 8-week STATA Program.

Cost: $125 for Members/ $160 for Non-Members

Duration: 8 Weeks, 1 Hour/Week

Locations: Mississauga & Brampton

Start Date: Week of January 16, 2017

End Date: Week of March 16, 2017 or Week of March 20, 2017

At home, child care or school children occasionally become involved in conflict with other students, friends, siblings, teachers and their parents- it’s inevitable but also desirable. Running into conflict during childhood can help kids discover positive ways of resolving disagreements. That is the goal of the STATA Program- to teach skills and strategies in positive conflict resolution. This program uses the term STATA (Stop, Talk, Ask, Team Up, and Agree) to engage students in role playing, self-awareness and self-reflection activities that develop their abilities to deal with emotions and disagreements.

These programs are designed to support students who are struggling with a learning disability and/or ADD/ADHD. However, we understand that a formal diagnosis is not always possible and therefore, all students who are struggling with their academics, social skills and self-esteem are welcome.

Students do not need a formal diagnosis to register and participate.


Program Overview

The STATA program will cover a number of topics over an 8-week period. Program facilitators will organize the program topics and lessons depending on the needs and age of the students registered. Parents are also welcome to suggest topics based on personal experiences with your child’s needs. Parental input will enhance the content and quality of our STATA program. Facilitators will draw on topics such as:

  • Understanding what conflict is
  • What makes me angry?
  • Understanding self-control- how can you calm yourself down?
  • Negative ways of reacting to anger- being physical, using bad words, putting others down, etc.
  • Positive ways of reacting to anger:


  1. Stopping to think about the problem and talking about the problem with others (Stop & Talk)
  2. Asking questions- understanding other perspectives (Talk & Ask)
  3. Working together to solve the problem (Team Up)
  4. Agreeing on a solution that everyone is happy with (Agree)

The first class will be an introduction, learning how the program works, setting personal and group goals and getting to know everyone in the group. The final class will be a celebration of goals achieved, reviewing what we have learned and how we can continue to use what we learned outside of the program.

Program schedules are subject to change. For more information please contact:

Amanda Partab,

Resource Counsellor & Programs Coordinator

apartab@ldapr.ca or 905 272 4100 ext.204

Sibling discounts and subsidies are available. Please call for details.