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Amalgamation FAQ

About the Amalgamation

We are excited about the proposed amalgamation of Learning Disabilities Association of Mississauga (LDAM) and the Learning Disabilities Association of North Peel (LDANP). While there will be lots of hard work, we see many opportunities to enhance our services and support. We are looking forward to building a more responsive organization to serve individuals with learning disabilities and their families in Peel.

We recognize you may have some questions about the process, timing and goals of the amalgamation; and, you may be concerned about the implications for you, your family or the broader community.  We have tried to anticipate your questions in the following Questions and Answers.  Updates will be provided as more information is available.

General Questions

  • What is being proposed?
    • The Boards of Directors of LDA of North Peel and LDA of Mississauga have approved a motion to amalgamate the two organizations into the Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region.
  • What is an amalgamation?
    • Section 113 of the Corporations Act (Ontario) permits non-share capital corporations to amalgamate with one another. It provides as follows:
      • 113 (1) Amalgamation – Any two or more companies, including a holding and subsidiary company, having the same or similar objects may amalgamate and continue as one company.  Section 113(4) of the Corporations Act provides that an amalgamated corporation is entitled to the benefits and subject to the liabilities of all contracts to which the amalgamating companies were subject at the time of the amalgamation.
  • What is the name of the new merged organization?
    • Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region (LDA Peel Region).
  • What will be the effective date of the amalgamation?
    • It is expected that the general membership of both organizations will be asked to formally approve the amalgamation in the fall.  At that point, the amalgamated organization will begin to operate.
    • Under the Corporations Act (Ontario), the government must approve the Articles of Amalgamation – we anticipate the approval will be received by the end of 2012.
  • What is the mission of the new organization?
    • To provide services that promote the full participation of children, youth and adults with learning disabilities. Promote learning disabilities advocacy, research and education that advance through the leadership and the knowledge/expertise of staff and volunteers. We value promoting positive change through:
      • Innovation
      • Informed public policies
      • Strategic partnerships
      • Quality products and services
      • Credible advocacy
  • Why are we doing this?  What are the benefits of an amalgamated organization?
    • The new organization will be committed to providing valuable services and a voice to the learning disabilities community that is inclusive of all ages and the community at large.
    • The merger has many benefits:
      • Provide better services and streamlined access for residents of Peel.
      • Increased program and administrative efficiency.
      • Increase our capacity to identify and meet needs, develop and expand programming and program locations.
      • Strengthened governance and leadership.
      • Leverage knowledge and expertise of volunteers and staff.
      • Opportunity to improve financial sustainability.
      • Consistent with interests of key funders.
  • Where will LDA of Peel Region be located?
    • We plan to keep the space we have in Mississauga and Brampton until the current leases expire.
    • One of the two offices will be designated in the Articles of Amalgamation as the official head office for LDA Peel Region.
    • Additional spaces in the Peel community will be considered for the satellite locations that we hope to develop in the future.

Governance Questions

  • How will the new organization be governed?
    • It will have a Board of Directors elected by the membership.
    • The first Board of Directors of the newly amalgamated organization will be made up of current LDAM and LDANP Board members.
  • Who will be the officers in the first year?
    • This will be determined when the Articles of Amalgamation are drafted.  They will include a President, Vice President and Treasurer.
  •  (Updated) When will LDA of Peel Region have its first Annual General Meeting?
    • This will be determined with the lawyer when the Articles of Amalgamation are developed.
    • There will be a joint Annual General Meeting of both LDA Mississauga and North Peel where members will be able to review the amalgamation and vote on its ratification.
      • Date: Monday, November 19, 2012
      • Time7:00pm to 9:00pm
      • Location: Mississauga’s Ram Mandir, 270 Export Blvd. (Hurontario & Derry)
  • What Board committees will the new organization have?
    • The new Board of Directors will establish committees.  Some committees will be ongoing and others will be developed as needed.

Financial Questions

  • What do our funders think of the amalgamation?
    • LDANP and LDAM receive funding from United Way and the Region of Peel.  Both funders support our efforts to improve our efficiency and effectiveness through an amalgamation.
  • Will the amalgamation affect donations?
    • We hope there will be no decrease in donations.  We will be writing to our donors to tell them about our amalgamation plans and to reinforce our commitment to build a responsive organization that is financially sustainable.  We will emphasize the importance of their ongoing donations.  Amalgamation will provide an opportunity for us to secure new donors and a higher level of individual giving.
  • What do the audits tell us about the organization’s financial health?
    • Both organizations are small and have sustained their financial positions in the past.
    • Neither organization is in debt.
  • What about our systems and processes?
    • We will review our systems and processes to determine which ones are most efficient for use in the new organization.
  • Are there any legal actions current outstanding against LDANP or LDAM?
    • No
  • Do both current organizations have adequate insurance, especially directors and officers coverage?
    • Both groups have similar insurance purchased through Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario.  The new organization will have the same coverage, purchased through the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario.
  • Who will the new auditors be?
    • This will be determined by the new Board of Directors.

Program Questions

  • Will our programs change after the merger?
    • All of our existing programs will continue to be offered by the new organization, subject to ongoing funding. Over time, the new organization will:
      • develop and create new curriculum
      • take advantage of synergies and best practices
      • explore opportunities to develop new, satellite program locations in the community
      • develop new programs or revise current programs over time
      • adjust our hours of service based on community need
  • Will we keep our current volunteers?
    • Yes, we anticipate that all our dedicated volunteers will continue to volunteer with the new organization.  We value their contributions and will do our best to ensure they contribute in the future by supporting them and continuing to recognize their efforts.
  • Will we consolidate or close any program service sites?
    • No.  In fact, we intend to open new sites over time.
  • Is our approach to programming similar in both organizations?
    • Yes.  LDANP and LDAM have similar programs and program approaches.

Communication Questions

  • How can we learn more about the amalgamation?
    • The two Boards of Directors will provide regular updates to our stakeholders on our websites.
    • Clients, families, volunteers and members will be invited to attend open houses in September to learn more about the amalgamation and to the Annual General Meeting later this fall.
    • LDAM and LDANP will provide information to program partners, funders, and others about the amalgamation.
  • Will there be a press release to inform the Peel community?
    • Yes.  LDAM and LDANP will issue a press release after the amalgamation is formally approved.
  • Will there be any other communication related changes?
    • Yes.  We plan to develop a new website for the amalgamated organization.  We will take advantage of all opportunities to improve awareness of learning disabilities and of the new organization.  The new website will help provide streamlined access to our services for people throughout Peel.

Still have questions?  Please contact us at:

LDA North Peel – Christine Hambly, President

905 791-4100, extension 401 or email

LDA Mississauga – Jim Muscat, President

905 272-4100 or email